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Rantau, S Kalimantan (BERITAJA.COM) - The Tapin District Government has urged coal mining companies to manage environment following floods in the mining area which was detrimental to the safety of surrounding community.

"The regional government's stance is clear, that is urging the companies to immediately take action to resolve the problems," said Tapin Regional Secretary Sufiansyah here on Wednesday. 

Among other things, he gave an example, the company is normalizing clogged sewer, one of the causes of floodings. 

In essence, he said, the local government wants companies to responsible for the environment in their respective operational areas. 

"Not only about sewer, other alternatives must also be made by mining companies so that flooding does not recur," he insisted. 

Head of Tapin Environment Agency Nordin said that his party would soon conduct evaluation in the coal mining area in Lokpaikat-Piani Subdistricts. 

Last Tuesday (February 28, 2023) floods hit the connecting road between villages and districts, and almost stopped the movement of goods and people. 
The flood currents were dragging toward two reservoir covering an area of 1.5 square kilometers. Whereas the road is only about 150 meters from the surface of the lake like reservoir. 

The condition forced the Disaster Mitigation Agency's (BPBD) SAR to intervene to minimize bad risks. At that time, trained members of TNI-Polri (military and police) and Red Cross (PMI) worked together to help residents to break through the floods.

No casualties were reported, but the disaster disrupted residents' activities  and incovenienced officers. 

The floods in the coal mining area in Bitahan Baru Village was said to be the worst in the past decade. 

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