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Jakarta (BERITAJA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) opened the Jokowi Learning Center, an educational facility, at Kebangsaan High School, South Lampung district, Lampung, on Thursday.

"The goal of building this school is to improve people's quality of life, especially the lower middle class," he said in his speech at the inauguration event.

According to him, students at the facility represent 28 provinces of Indonesia. It is supported by a neat building landscape, a beautiful environment, and modern learning equipment.

He underlined that Indonesia currently needs excellent human resources to respond to the competition between countries.

"No matter how good the infrastructure is, if the quality of human resources is bad, it would be unfortunate. It would be visible in the ranking; now, every year, there is World Competitiveness Ranking from IMD," he said.

The competitiveness ranking, he added, is based on achievements in infrastructure, technology, and innovation, including education and health.

"Unfortunately, in terms of competitiveness, even though ours rose seven levels, very good, but for education and health, we are ranked 57th, 58th. Our rank in the World Competitiveness Ranking is already at 27th," he pointed out.

He then invited investors to invest in facilities like the Jokowi Learning Center.

He said that with more facilities like the one at Kebangsaan High School, Indonesia's ranking would climb.

According to the President, dunia competitiveness is determined by the speed of development based on the capacity of competitive human resources.

"It is not about big countries beating small countries, no, not superpower countries beating small countries, no. But, fast countries will beat slow countries and we want to be a fast country, with human resources who master everything, technological innovation, everything," he said.

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