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Kotabaru, South Kalimantan (BERITAJA.COM) - The Kotabaru Government, South Kalimantan, received a working visit from the Central Kalimantan Provincial Government to study the handling of slum areas in the district.

"The success of handling slum areas in Kotabaru continues to be improved and developed through the City without Slums (KOTAKU) program," said Kotabaru's Assistant I for Government Minggu Basuki here, Tuesday.

He said the quality of the former slum areas continues to be improved to support tourist areas, as well as infrastructure, to change the face of the area, and most importantly to improve the quality of life of the community.

In addition, Rampa Berkah (slum) area will also be integrated into Siring Laut Kotabaru tourist area as an effort to build the City without Slums (KOTAKU) infrastructure.

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Secretary of Central Kalimantan Development Planning Board (Bappeda) Doddy Irawan said that his entourage visitwas to be able to share with Kotabaru, because it has received integrated Special Allocation Fund (DAK terintegrasi).

After learning that Kotabaru received DAK Terintegrasifor slum handling, he said, Palangkaraya City wanted to get information, see what is good in here, to be then brought and applied in the city.

Meanwhile, the construction of infrastructure in Rampa Berkah slum area cost approximately Rp48.01 billion during 2020-2022, with a scope of work concrete roads, environmental roads, RTP, plaza, wastewater treatment plant, fish drying area, and integrated waste disposal site (TPST).

The PUPR Ministry had improved the quality of slum in the Kotabaru coastal area to alleviate slum in densely populated area as well as to changing the face of the area to support the realization of residential and urban that are livable, productive, and sustainable.

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