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Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan (BERITAJA.COM) - The Banjarmasin National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) finally succeeded in removing the remaining one victim of the collapsed building of PT Kintap Jaya Wattindo-PKR rubber factory in Bati-Bati, Tanah Laut District, South Kalimantan, but he was found dead.

"The victim on behalf of M Yunus was successfully evacuated at 16.50 Wita (Central Indonesia Time) in a state of death," said Head of the Banjarmasin Basarnas Al Amrad in Banjarbaru, Thursday.

Basarnas together with a joint SAR team and volunteers have previously worked hard to retrieve victims of the incidents because their position was quite difficult to be trapped under the rubble of the building.

Amrad said his team brought a rescue compartment with extrication equipment which is usually used in evacuating accidents or building ruins. The equipment is in the form of Portable Rescue Extrication, FGDR (Find Ground Penetrating Radar), combi cutter and ram.

"So the iron cutting, for example, is used to cut the iron from the ruin that cover the victim's body," he explained.
After the victim M Yunus was found, the evacuation process which began Thursday afternoon at around 13.00 Wita was officially stopped with a total eight victims, seven of them were injured.

Seven victims who previously found alive were M Abdullah, Nunci, M Kariadi, Eko Arisandi, Dian, Mahdiannoor and Arjuni. All owere rushed to the nearest hospital.

Amrad expressed his gratitude to his team led by Head of the Basarnas Banjarmasin's Search and Relief Operation Amri Zuna Kurniawan and all joint SAR team with volunteers and community for their work hard in assistig the evacuation until all victims were retrieved. 

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