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Tanjung, S Kalimantan (BERITAJA.COM) - "Pri... Pri... Pri... This is Pasak Bumi coffee. As for coffee, it's Priyadi's business. I buy 2, one with lion carving, and this one,"

A few words spoken from the President Director of PT Adaro Energy Indonesia Tbk, Garibaldi 'Boy' Thohir, colored the hot afternoon, ahead of the launch of the Adaro Go Digital MSMEs.

Nine adjacent tents that form the letter L, are the verandas of MSMEs products from the Tabalong, Balangan, North Hulu Sungai (HSU), Barito Kuala, South Barito, and East Barito Regencies, which have been intensely developing under the guidance of PT Adaro Indonesia's CSR Department.

The skills to process the products produced by the students of a number of Islamic boarding schools, the result of the guidance of the Adaro Santri Sejahtera Program (PASS), which was rolled out through the Adaro Bangun Negeri Foundation (YABN) were also presented.

That afternoon, Friday (March 17, 2023) on the PT DKP Mako courtyard, Simpang Wara, Tabalong District, UMKM Adaro Go Digital (the Adaro Go Digital MSME) in collaboration with Tokopedia, was launched.

Since morning, the event area has not been empty of visits. The transaction was solid. From monitoring results until 12:00 Wita (central Indonesia Time), the accumulated sales value reached more than Rp33 million, with as many as 250 visitors, both through the Tokopedia application and in person.

The presence of the President Director of Adaro, along with the Board of Directors as well as the presence of the Regent of Tabalong, H Anang Syakhfiani, representatives of the Regent of Balangan and East Barito, became the highlight of the event.

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According to Garibaldi 'Boy'Thohir, as is well understood, coal will eventually run out.

However, the entrepreneurial spirit will not subside, it must continue to develop.

"We do business here, get income, and receive benefits from here. It is appropriate, we provide added value for regional development," he said.

Moreover, he continued, the transformation of MSMEs towards digitalization is currently in line with the times.

"We are in the digital era. We can imagine, currently the same product can be marketed in various places. Throughout Indonesia and even overseas," he said.

"This activity is one of Adaro's efforts to strengthen and advance MSMEs, especially in the company's operational areas," he said.

For Anang Syakhfiani, Adaro's step to elevate the dignity of MSMEs in its operational area is an extraordinary support for Tabalong.

Referring to info from the South Kalimantan Provincial Government, the direction of investment in South Kalimantan has experienced a shift.

"It's no longer the coastal area or the provincial capital, but shifted to Tabalong," he said.

Business opportunities are also getting bigger, said Anang, because throughout 2022 tourist visits to Tabalong reached three million people.

He then hopes that these MSMEs can continue to be developed, in addition to the large business opportunities, they are also part of a big endeavor as a support for the new capital city (IKN) Nusantara.

"This is part of our big endeavor for Tabalong as a support for the IKN. We appreciate and thank Adaro for encouraging MSMEs to upgrade. We certainly cannot work alone," he concluded.

In this activity, Garibaldi 'Boy'Thohir had the opportunity to talk directly with the MSME actors who were present.

He pays serious attention to the obstacles they faced.

One of the signaling activities was revealed by Asrani, the owner of the Pasak Bumi coffee with the Khofi brand.

Asrani, who is domiciled in Jaro, Tabalong Regency, an area bordering East Kalimantan Province, said that so far, cellular signal instability has been an obstacle in digital transactions.

This issue was then taken seriously.

"I know the CEO of Telkomsel and Indosat well. I will talk to them directly, so that the case experienced by Mr Asrani and other MSME actors in the area can be resolved as soon as possible," said Garibaldi 'Boy'Thohir.

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